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Pre-wired models E3X-ZD11 2M E3X-ZD41 2M Connector models* E3X-ZD6 E3X-ZD8 Types Shapes Cable length Quantity of conductors Model Master connectors 2m 3-wire E3X-CN11 Slave-connectors 1-wire E3X-CN12 The power is supplied via connector and the wiring is limited to 1 (additional part) Master connectors Pins for power supply Optical comm unication. The fiber amplifier&39;s APC and DPC functions combined with Omron&39;s GIGA RAY technology allow this sensor to run longer and more efficiently than other fiber amplifiers. A new generation in sensing performance. 7 Amplifier Units with Connectors E3X-SD6 E3X-SD8 E3X-NA6 E3X-NA8 8 10. • Mutual interference prevention does not function among the E3X-DA-N/SD/NA amplifiers. High quality and. End Plate Refer to Item Appearance Cable length No. • The E3X-MC11-SV2 and E3X-MC11-S Mobile Consoles cannot be used.

E3X-DRT21-S User’s Manual Introduction READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS DOCUMENT Please read and understand this document before using the products. Please consult your OMRON representative if you have any questions or comments. _Instruction Manual: E3NX-CA Series Color Fiber Amplifier Instruction Sheet (ENG/JPN/CHI) Instruction Manual E3NX-CA0 Color Fiber Amplifier Instruction Sheet (ENG/JPN/CHIB 36642KB. Connector models. 5A: Rated voltage: 50V: Contact resistance: 20 mΩ max. The E3X-DA-N is the first series of Fiber Sensors to use an Auto Power Control (APC) circuit. Current consumption a41 35 mA max.

It does not include the conductor resista nce of the cable. Note: Use the E3X-MC11-SV2 Mobile Console for the E3X-DA-S/MDA-series Fiber Amplifier Units. Add to Wish List. 9 With Mounting Bracket Attached.

Mutual interference prevention is effective when E3X-SD/-NA-s eries Amplifiers are gang-mounted without other E3X-series Amplifiers. This achieves strict detection by eliminating fluctuation in the digital value and is ideal for subtle detection such as stable detection of liquidcrystal glass. ON when light is received. All standard applications covered. 2 ms Material housing: PBT Type of light: Polarity free red light Power supply voltage: 12-24 V.

The E3X-NA is the ideal amplifier for standard fiber applications providing quick & easy potentiometer adjustment and a bar graph display. last update: Febru. View and Download Omron E3X-DA-N series manual online. Required fiber optic cables All E32-series.

1 CSM_E3X-NA_DS_E_2_2 Manual Fiber Amplifier E3X-NA Simple and Easy-to-Use Amplifiers with a Sensitivity Adjuster Provided as a Standard Feature Intuitive LED bar display shows light levels at a glance. Accessories Instruction manual Item omron Model E3X-CN11 E3X-CN12 Rated current 2. When there are 8 or more E3X-NA Amplifiers mounted side-by-side, the response time will be 350 μs max. Simple installation. ) The figure is for connection omron e3x a41 manual to the Amplifier and the adjacent Connector. _Instruction Manual: E3X-NA Optical Fiber Photoelectric Sensor Instruction Sheet (ENG/JPN/KOR) Instruction Manual E3X-SD21/SD51/SD7/SD9 Optical Fiber Photoelectric Sensor Instruction Sheet (ENG/JPN/CHID 1264KB.

Simple presence/absence applications can be easily addressed with th E3X-NA amplifier. E3X-NA E3X-NA A-441 Super Manual Fiber Amplifier E3X-NA Adjuster type standard that is the culmina-tion of true ease and simplicity Features Self-explanatory LED bar displays of light levels The previous manual type used the stability and incident level indicators to display the light level change, which was difficult to understand at a glance. Find the best pricing for Omron E3X-DA41-N by comparing bulk discounts from 4 distributors. The E3X-ECT EtherCAT Sensor Communications Unit and the E3X-CRT CompoNet Sensor Communications Unit can be used. Non-stop detection. E3X-ZD11 E3X-ZD41. Buy E3X-A41 / E3X-A41 Omron Photoelectric Sensor from Distributor Santa Clara Systems.

Required fiber optic cables All E32-series Light source Pulse-modulated red LED (660 nm) Operation mode Light-ON, Dark-ON or SET modes (switch selectable) Sensitivity 8-turn potentiometer with clutch and indicator. Omron may also be known as the following names:. The E3NX-FA amplifier is the best choice for most challenging fiber applications in terms of long sensing distance, minute object detection or high speed processes. It does not include the conductor resistance of cable. • Always keep the protective cover in place when using the Amplifier. Buy E3X-NA41 - Omron Industrial Automation - Amplifier Unit, Fiber Optic Sensors, Bar Display and Adjuster Setting, E3X-NA Series, PNP, Pre-Wired. Title: E3X-DA-S Series Instruction Manual Author: Omron Keywords: E3X-DA-S Series, Digital Fiber Sensor, Active Threshold control models, E3X-DA_AT-S.

Manual adjustment Connection method: Cable Cable length: 2 m Output type: PNP Operation mode: Dark-ON, Light-ON Response time: 0. E3X-HD Ratings and Specifications *1. Omron E3X-A Explore Sensors on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

Octopart is the world&39;s source for E3X-DA41-N availability, pricing, and technical specs and other electronic parts. Accessories (Order Separately) Mounting Bracket Refer to E39-L/E39-S/E39-R. e3x-na Digital fiber amplifier with potentiometer adjustment The E3X-NA is the ideal amplifier for standard fiber applications providing quick & easy potentiometer adjustment and bargraph display. E3X-A11/-A E3X-VG11 E3X-A Light ON. It functions among E3X-DA-S/MDA models. Amplifier unit Pre-wired models.

For applications requiring the detection of two objects simultanously the E3X-MDA provides an easy to use operation saving space and set-up time. 2 MB The documentation is not updated automatically, but we make every effort to provide the latest versions of the documents. ) (The omron e3x a41 manual above figure is for connection to the Amplifier Unit and the adjacent Connector. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support. We Offer Fast Same-Day Shipping Worldwide!

Model: PNP outtput E3X-DA11-S INSTRUCTION sheet. The E3X-MC11-SV2 is an upgraded version of the E3X-MC11 -S that is fully interchangeable with the older model. E3X E3X 3 Part number NPN E3X-A11 E3X-A21 E3X-F21 E3X-VG11 E3X-VG21 PNP E3X-A41 E3X-A51 E3X-F51 — — Supply voltage 10--24 VDC±10% 10-% ripple max. The E3X-MC11-SV2 is an upgraded version of the E3X-MC11-S that is fully interchangeable with the older model. For use with E32 fibre-optics. • The E3X-MC11-SV2 and E3X-MC11-S Mobile Consoles cannot be used. Water-resistant models and models with conn ectors have a dielectric strength of 500 VAC. Simple selection.

New Omron E3X-A41 fiber-optic photoelectric sensor. E3X-NA amplifier pdf manual download. _Instruction Manual: E3X-DAF-S Digital Fiber Sensor Instruction Sheet (ENG/JPN) Instruction Manual E3X-DAR-S Digital Fiber Sensor Instruction Sheet (ENG/JPNC 6549KB. The Ultimate Fiber Amplifier for Maximum Ease of Use and High Performance. • The E3X-DRT21-S, E3X-CRT and E3X-ECT Communication Units cannot be used. E3X-DA-N series amplifier pdf manual download. E3X-MDA incorporates 2 digital fiber amplifiers in one slimline housing.

E3X-DA41-S 2M PDF - Documentation language en size 2. WARRANTY OMRON’s exclusive warranty is that the products are free from defects in materials and. Omron has several brands around the world that distributors may use as alternate names. ) Number of inser-tions. E3X-NA41 2M PDF - Documentation language en size 1. Note: Use the E3X-MC11-SV2 Mobile Console for the E3X-DA-S/MDA-series Amplifier Units. Optical Fiber Photoelectric Sensor, E3X-A11 datasheet, E3X-A11 circuit, E3X-A11 data sheet : OMRON, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. 7 Dimensions with Master Connector Connected 71 67.

Simplicity OMRON INSTRUCTION sheet. E3X-A41 Omron Automation and Safety. One family for all. E3X Specifications Part number NPN E3X-A11 PNP E3X-A41 Supply voltage 10-% ripple max.

Click to Check if In-Stock. Use either the E3X-CN11 omron e3x a41 manual (master connector, 3 conduc tors) or the E3X-CN12 (slave connector, 1 conductor). View and Download Omron E3X-NA manual online. E3X-A41; Alternate Names. Model: E3X-CN11/21/22: E3X-CN12; Rated current: 2. Product Index > Sensors, Transducers > Amplifiers > Omron Automation and Safety E3X-A Obsolete item. 5 A Rated voltage 50 V Contact resistance 20 mΩ max.

Dimensions Amplifier Units Amplifier Units with Cables E3X-SD11 E3X-SD41 E3X-NA11 E3X-NA11F E3X-NA41 E3X-NA41F Two, 2. Models designed forr special applications E3X-DA11-S Manual. A wide variety of models.

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